Airdrop for Users

Initial airdrop to users of partner protocols and early Thenians
25% of the initial supply allocated to "loyal" users of partner protocols, and qualifying early Thenians from the community. Users will be chosen based on behaviors that promote long-term stability, such as:
  • Long-term locking/stacking
  • Long-term token holding
  • Long-term and recurring participation in governance proposals
  • Continuing involvement in protocol following bad reputational events (hacks, exploits etc.)
Each protocol has submitted a list of users who they deem fit under the criteria mentioned above.
The user airdrop consists of a 50:50 mix between veTHE locked for 2 years and unlocked $THE, claimable on THENA:
  • $THE: 50% immediately claimable at launch and 50% claimable linearly over 3 weeks
  • veTHE: Immeditaly claimable at launch
theNFT minters' airdrop is 9% of the total initial allocation, consisting of 40% veTHE, and 60% THE, with no vesting.
The airdrop was claimable starting from January 5th to February 15th, 2023. The remaining tokens were burned.

How to Claim the Airdrop?

There is no airdrop to be claimed any longer.