Mission: Epoch 0

Mission for Liquidity Providers
Launch Sequence Initiated

Provide liquidity between Jan 5 to Jan 11 (EPOCH 0) to participate in the $5,000+ prize pool of $THE

You have been assigned on a mission to bring liquidity to THENA. On top of earning $THE tokens every second you’re deposited from January 12th onwards, you have a chance to be one of the winners of a total of more than $5,000 worth of $THE.
Providing liquidity can be a great way to earn passive income with your otherwise idle assets. THENA will have a massive selection of pools - your favorite tokens paired with $BNB and other tokens for attractive earning opportunities.
Core pools are the backbone of THENA

3 Ways to Win

1. Core Pools

10 lucky LPs that stake at least $600 worth of liquidity in the core pools share $3,000 worth of $THE

2. Partner Pools

10 lucky LPs that stake at least $400 worth of liquidity in the partner pools share $2,000 worth of $THE

3. Partner Bonus

Some partner protocols are doing raffles with extra tokens on top for depositing into their pools during EPOCH 0
Helio Protocol is offering a total of 3,000 $HAY, shared amongst 50 lucky winners who staked at least $50 worth of HAY/BUSD

How to participate?

Step 0: First you need funds on BNB Chain (Binance Smart Chain). If you’re already familiar with DeFi, you can use a CEX, a bridge (Bridge Guide). If not, you need to set up a wallet, such as MetaMask.

Step 1: Connect your DeFi wallet on by clicking the “CONNECT WALLET” button

On mobile, there's a drop down menu in the upper right corner

Step 2: Choose a liquidity pool you would like to stake in, and click “Manage”. DO NOT stake in THE/BNB pool before January 12th.

Manage let's you access individual pools directly. If you use "ADD/REMOVE LIQUIDITY", make sure to check the pool type

Step 3: Enter a number of either tokens to add. You will need a roughly equal amount of the second token to pair it with (for example $100 of BUSD and $100 of USDT)

Enter the amount of either token you want to add, and the other token amount is automatically suggested

Step 4: Click “ADD LIQUIDITY & STAKE LP”, and approve all the transactions that are prompted

You may need to approve up to 5 transactions if you're staking for the first time

Step 5: Cross your fingers, you could be one of the lucky ones sharing the prize! On top of that, you will start earning $THE tokens on January 12th. You can claim your rewards at any time

You are in control of your assets. Deposit and withdraw as you like with zero fees
Congratulations, you just became one of the pillars of DeFi, a liquidity provider. You will get rewarded for your efforts with $THE. The APR % shown is calculated based on the current rate of $THE earned in comparison to your staked amount. There are no deposit or withdrawal fees, or locking period for liquidity providers.

The winners will be announced on the 13th of January.


$THE value is calculated based on an initial valuation of $7,500,000. It is not recommended to purchase or LP $THE token before the emissions kickoff on January 12th. Do not participate without understanding the risks that come with providing liquidity or participating in DeFi. Do your own research before purchasing tokens unknown to you. Any abuse, such as sybil attacks, can lead to a disqualification.