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Definitions & Concepts

$THE — BEP-20 utility token of the protocol

$THEemissions currently have two key objectives:
  • Reach and maintain adequate liquidity to facilitate optimal trading conditions — $THE are emitted as farming rewards to incentivize deep liquidity
  • Encourage decentralized governance — $THE can be used to take part in the governance for continuous development of the platform. The long term goal is to achieve true decentralization.

veTHE — ERC-721 governance token in the form of an NFT (non-fungible token)

veTHE is the vote-escrowed version of $THE. Users can lock their $THE tokens for up to 2 years to get veTHE. The longer the lock, the higher the amount of veTHE voting power received.
To encourage continuous locking and sustained participation from stakeholders, the veTHE balance of users declines over time until it reaches zero at the conclusion of the initial locking period. veTHE positions can be increased, split up and resold on a secondary market.

theNFT — ERC-721 founders' token in the form of an NFT (non-fungible token)

theNFT can be staked for revenue sharing. The staking pool receives a share of trading fees from THENA, as well as royalties from secondary sales of theNFT.

Token Addresses

$THE 0xF4C8E32EaDEC4BFe97E0F595AdD0f4450a863a11
veTHE 0xfBBF371C9B0B994EebFcC977CEf603F7f31c070D
theNFT 0x2Af749593978CB79Ed11B9959cD82FD128BA4f8d