Thenian theNFT

The founders of THENA
Thenian NFTs (theNFT) are a limited collection of only 1,734. Each one grants you a non-dilutive access to the swap fees generated by THENA and a dedicated role within the community.
Whitelisted mint price: 2.0 $BNB
Public mint price: 2.5 $BNB


  • entitles you to a share of trading fees from THENA
  • the royalty charged from secondary sales is 3%, 2% goes to a pool to which the original minters have a claim to — forever, while 1% goes to theNFT staking pool
  • gives access to private delta-neutral strategies (currently in development)
  • guarantees you a THENA fair launch airdrop
The fees and royalties are distributed to a staking pool. If your theNFT is listed for sale, it cannot be staked, and will thus not earn fees.
The schedule for sharing fees:
  • Months 1-3: 20%
  • Months 4-6: 15%
  • Months 7-∞: 10%

Secondary Marketplaces

theNFTs have been listed on 3 different NFT marketplaces:
Element Market - the main marketplace
tofuNFT - good UX
NFTKEY - rarity ranking

Token Address

theNFT 0x2Af749593978CB79Ed11B9959cD82FD128BA4f8d

How to stake theNFT?