Launch Timeline

On THENA, periods are separated into weekly epochs. During each timeframe, emissions are voted through a gauge voting system. In order to guarantee a flawless launch and incentivize the best behaviors from inception, the protocols' features will be implemented over the first three epochs.

EPOCH 0 - 5th of January

  • Launch of THENA

  • Users claim their veTHE/$THE airdrop on THENA

  • Protocols receive their veTHE initial allocation

  • veTHE holders vote for the first time (Vote #1)

  • No emissions, no bribes deposited

  • It is not recommended to buy or LP $THE during this epoch

EPOCH 1 - 12th of January

  • $THE emissions kick-off according to EPOCH 0 gauge weight vote results

  • Protocols start submitting bribes

  • $THE/$BNB pool seeded

  • Vote #2

EPOCH 2 - 19th of January

  • Fees generated during EPOCH 0 can be claimed by veTHE voters

  • First weekly veTHE distribution (rebase)

  • Vote #3

EPOCH 3 - 26th of January

  • Bribes deposited during EPOCH 1 can be claimed by veTHE voters

  • Fees generated during EPOCH 1 can be claimed by veTHE voters

  • Second weekly veTHE distribution (rebase)

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