THE Open Marketplace for Liquidity

The Bribing Marketplace is the cornerstone of THENA

The Open Marketplace for Liquidity on THENA represents a groundbreaking solution for DeFi protocols aiming to incentivize liquidity within the BNB Chain ecosystem. By incorporating bribes into gauges, protocol teams can directly impact veTHE holders' voting decisions and augment the amount of $THE rewards distributed for a specific pool. This distinctive feature empowers protocols to devise a dynamic liquidity management strategy on BNB Chain, attracting more liquidity providers to their platform.

Utilizing the Open Marketplace for Liquidity, protocols can tap into the potential of their platform and deliver an unparalleled liquidity experience for their users. This permissionless marketplace grants protocol teams access to decentralized incentives, which they can leverage to generate a robust cycle of liquidity. As a result, protocols can boost their token liquidity and strengthen their overall value proposition.

In summary, the Open Marketplace for Liquidity serves as a crucial instrument for DeFi protocols vying for a competitive edge in the bustling BNB Chain environment. With its one-of-a-kind features and adaptive liquidity management capabilities, protocols are increasingly selecting THENA as their preferred liquidity layer. Maximum capital efficiency and flexibility.

Some adjustments has been made from the initial Solidly model:

  • Loss of unclaimed bribes: veTHE voters will always be able to recoup unclaimed bribes. The bribes are claimable for one year.

  • Bribes farming: This option is no longer possible. The bribe proceeds can only be claimed by veTHE voters as a lump sum after the following Epoch (i.e. vote in Epoch 1, claim in Epoch 3)

Bribing Specifications

  • Bribes claim: veTHE holders receive rewards after the following Epoch in the form of a claimable lump sum

  • Epoch duration: 1 week (Thursday to Thursday)

  • Tokens: Any whitelisted tokens can be deposited as bribes

  • Bribes deposits: Any time during the epoch

It does not matter when you deposit the bribes, as long as you leave a few hours for voting before the Epoch change at 00:00 UTC Wednesday-Thursday night.

Earning the bribes (and trading fees) requires weekly voting.

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