THE Referral System

Leverage your community

THENA uses an on-chain referral system built with Muon. Users will be able to generate a referral to share with others in order to earn a 5 to 12% share of the fees each time a trade is made using the referral link. The rate depends on the tier reached by that referrer — the more volume you generate, the higher the tier. Users of the referral link will benefit too — they earn lottery tickets (tranches based on volume) that will give them access to a weekly lottery.

  • Referees: Users who are trading through a referral link can accumulate tickets that will entitle them weekly participation in a lottery.

  • Referrers: Anyone who creates a referral link on THENA has the ability to become a referrer. In order to receive a share of the fees generated by each of their swaps, the referrers can then share the link with users.

The referral system is open for everyone — users and protocols.

Referral system rewards specifications


  • Tier 1: $0 < V < $30,000 → 5% of trading fees generated by referees

  • Tier 2: $30,000 < V < $150,000 → 6,5%

  • Tier 3: $150,000 < V < $1,000,000 → 8%

  • Tier 4: $1,000,000 < V < $10,000,000 → 10%

  • Tier 5: V > $10,000,000 → 12%


Swap at least $500 worth during an Epoch to get 1 ticket.

V = Volume generated during an Epoch

How to start with the referral system?

Guide here.

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